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Guardianships and Conservatorships Archives

Do conservators ever get paid?

Many conservators in Connecticut are relatives of the people who need them. Several inherit the job from themselves, as guardians of minors who need help dealing with the more complicated aspects of life, because conservators only apply to people of adult age. But when no family member is available, the court may appoint a professional conservator.

Connecticut couple bound by conservatorship

Conservatorship is a very important role for a person to take on. This is one of the reasons that probate judges are more likely to appoint a conservator who patently cares about a person independent of a legal obligation. Many assume that this personal connection makes it easier and more effective for a person to manage a disabled fellow's personal and business affairs.

Parents of autistic children may plan to become conservators

The phrase "on the spectrum" has become an amorphous idea for many people, some of whom think it applies to any strange behavior as a way to make themselves more comfortable. The term is no joke for relatives of people with actual autism spectrum disorders, and the difference between functional and nonfunctional personalities could not be clearer.

Who needs a conservator and how is one appointed?

Most people are familiar with the concept of a guardian, especially when it concerns a child whose parents are somehow absent. Conservatorship, however, is often less understood even if some of the principles are similar to guardianship. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive about conservators.

How are conservators and guardians assigned?

One of the main functions of probate courts in Connecticut is the assignment of conservators and guardians for people who cannot legally handle their own affairs. Both positions carry a lot of power over a person's life, and they carry a lot of responsibility. As a result, courts take the assignment of conservators and guardians very seriously.

What are an attorney's powers after a conservatorship?

Conservatorships and guardianships are a good way to render help to people who cannot do it for themselves. The idea of a caretaker for people with mental disabilities or a lack of legal age is an excellent one, although a conservatorship does not mean a person is completely incapable.

How and why do I become my relative's legal guardian?

The term "legal guardian" may seem simple, but the implications of that title and its responsibility can be vital and complex. Connecticut assigns guardianships very carefully, and applicants for the position should know how the state does so.

How can we prevent fraud by guardians?

Probate courts help thousands of people in Connecticut have a better future by appointing a guardian or conservator to take care of their more complex needs. It is rare when a person abuses a guardianship, but friends and family can take action if it happens.

Supreme Court case will determine guardianship of minor

Many people need others to take responsibility for their finances, basic needs or other aspects of life. All children start out as someone else's responsibility, while many senior citizens and some people with disabilities may find themselves subject to the need for help again.

Conservators and guardians may breach the trust they are given

Facing a possible disability is always a difficult process. It often feels like a betrayal that a long and successful life may be rewarded with a reduced ability to take care of one's self. A betrayal can become quite literal, however, if someone abuses a legal arrangement to handle

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