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Guardianships and Conservatorships Archives

What does it take to get conservatorship over someone?

Generally, we all want our loved ones to have healthy, independent lives. But what if you don't think that's possible?you may be very concerned that one of your loved ones is making some really poor choices and doesn't seem to have the capability to manage their own affairs without disaster. Is conservatorship an option?

Are there any alternatives to guardianship?

Maybe mom has been getting a little forgetful and has stopped paying the bills even though there's money in the account. Or, dad has developed the early signs of dementia and you're concerned that his condition is worsening. Your intentions are good and you mean the best by suggesting that it's time to take guardianship of your elderly parents.

Naming a guardian for your child? Read this first

The moment that you became a parent, you knew that you wanted to do everything in your power to protect your child's future. That includes making sure that you've named a guardian for your child, just in case an accident or illness steals you away before they're grown.

Seeking a conservatorship for your relative

If you have elderly or very ill parents or grandparents or other relatives, the time may come when they can no longer care for themselves. Should that unfortunate day come, you might find yourself in the unenviable position of having to determine whether or not to seek a conservatorship for them.

What do conservators actually do?

Anybody can end up needing a conservator. Young children who are left without parents due to illness or accidents may need them. So, too, may younger adults who suffer from severe developmental disorders or other conditions. Seniors may need them due to advancing dementia or their general physical decline.

New law restricts probate courts' power to appoint guardians

Children are no longer children when they reach the age of 18. With the exception of consuming alcohol, people in Connecticut arrive at all adult privileges on the 18th birthday. Before then, however, someone must be legally responsible for their behavior and well-being, and those people are traditionally the parents of the child.

Does mom (or dad) need a guardian?

Asking the court to give you control of your mother's or father's life is a big step to take -- and nobody should pursue a guardianship over another adult unless they're ready for the responsibility. Guardianship will give you court-ordered authority to make decisions regarding your parent's living situation, medical care and finances -- but how do you know it's time to take that step?

Guardians cover a parent's traditional responsibilities

Parenting is the first, and perhaps, most important part of a child's life. Parents set the standard for children's behavior, instilling ethics and values that last throughout a person's lifetime. It is best for individuals and society as a whole that children have good role models close at hand to support them materially and emotionally.

Workshop helps grandparents become guardians

"What's the matter with these kids today?" If you remember that phrase from popular culture, you may be asking that question more and more each day as society caters to younger people. But there is help if you have to know what matters to kids, and you may be part of a large group of caring individuals looking to tend to their families.

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