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What are an attorney's powers after a conservatorship?

Conservatorships and guardianships are a good way to render help to people who cannot do it for themselves. The idea of a caretaker for people with mental disabilities or a lack of legal age is an excellent one, although a conservatorship does not mean a person is completely incapable.

What does a conservatorship mean under Connecticut law?

Reasons to avoid internet wills

With advancements in technology, many processes have become simplified. One reality is that many people have taken to the internet to create their wills. Unfortunately, this does come with drawbacks. 

Writing an estate plan is still one activity you want to handle face-to-face with a legal expert. There are many potential pitfalls that come with writing an online will, and it is best to avoid the risk. 

Real estate and other assets require a good estate plan

A lot of people wait until their golden years to make a solid plan for their estate after death. Many parents start to think about it once they have seen their child grow. But no time is too early for estate planning. Estate planning is so much more than deciding who gets your things.

Beginning with assets and properties, a last will and testament names the people and organizations who receive them as well as the person who will handle these bequests, known as the executor. Other documents in an estate plan can name health care proxies who help decide a person's care if he or she is incapacitated and handle their finances.

Mediation gains momentum as a solution to estate disputes

Probate court was designed as a legal forum for anyone to approach certain basic forms of justice, such as the appointment of a legal guardian or the disposition of a deceased person's estate. When a dispute arises between parties, probate court can help sort it out and find an equitable solution.

Litigation in any court can be a stressful and destructive process, especially when opponents are members of a family. Mediation, which has been fast becoming a popular alternative to time spent in courtrooms, is also available through Connecticut's probate court system. For a daily fee, an approved mediator may sort out a contentious case in as little as a day.

How and why do I become my relative's legal guardian?

The term "legal guardian" may seem simple, but the implications of that title and its responsibility can be vital and complex. Connecticut assigns guardianships very carefully, and applicants for the position should know how the state does so.

Why do guardianships exist?

Families benefit from estate planning well before it is needed

The mystery of death is how, no matter how healthy a person might be, it may come at any time. It is many people's nightmare to find out they have a prognosis of a few months to live. If that moment occurs in reality, the last thing that you would want to do is deal with the necessary end-of-life plans to pass assets and wealth onto the next generation.

Financial experts agree that careful planning has the practical effects of saving money for bequests and time in probate courts or legal disputes. It also has the immediate emotional effect of lowering stress for family members by setting expectations and allowing people to prepare themselves around estate plans.

Reasons to never make a DIY will

Most people, even those who are financially secure, want to find ways to save money. There are many ways in life to do this, but you should not try to save money when it comes to writing a will. Unfortunately, many throughout Connecticut continue to utilize DIY wills, and this comes with immense risks. 

All estate planning documents require the attention of a legal professional. You do not want there to be a chance for any disputes to arise because you left out an integral part of a DIY will. 

What do I need to know about probate law?

Probate law is an important part of the Connecticut legal system. Some of its particulars can be complex, but knowing how probate proceedings work can make the process go easier for litigants and the survivors of recently deceased estate holders.

What are the most common problems that come up in probate disputes?

How can we prevent fraud by guardians?

Probate courts help thousands of people in Connecticut have a better future by appointing a guardian or conservator to take care of their more complex needs. It is rare when a person abuses a guardianship, but friends and family can take action if it happens.

How can a guardian abuse his or her position for personal gain?

Life settlements add cash to estates and retirement accounts

Life insurance has been considered a must by successful financial planners for generations now. Many high-earning professionals in Connecticut have enjoyed the security of knowing that their family's standard of living is safe from an unexpected death or disability.

The conditions under which people hold on to policies until death have changed a lot since their inception. For example, better health over a longer lifespan is more common. Tax laws have also changed.

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