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Probate Litigation

Probate costs can be avoided

Estate planning is a positive for the family of a deceased person. Probate costs can add up in different ways. Working with an attorney to handle estate problems can cost time and money, with probate taking up to one year to complete in Greenwich, Connecticut. if a...

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Your successful wealth transfer

Transferring your assets to their rightful beneficiaries isn't always as simple as writing a will. A successful transfer of wealth often calls for a strategy that takes time and research. Having an understanding of common asset transfer strategies in Connecticut will...

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Can a spouse be disinherited?

It's always a shock when a spouse dies unexpectedly. That shock can turn to outright dismay, however, if you find out that you weren't even mentioned in your spouse's will. Sometimes, this is done in an attempt to intentionally disinherit a spouse, particularly if...

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What is probate litigation?

If a loved one has recently passed away, in addition to grieving your loss you will likely have to be involved with settling their estate. In most cases, at least some of their estate will need to go through the process of probate. Probate is a court-supervised...

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