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Conservators and guardians may breach the trust they are given

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2018 | Guardianships and Conservatorships |

Facing a possible disability is always a difficult process. It often feels like a betrayal that a long and successful life may be rewarded with a reduced ability to take care of one’s self. A betrayal can become quite literal, however, if someone abuses a legal arrangement to handle

The number of people requiring a guardian or conservator may increase as more members of the baby boomer generation enter the “danger age,” the phase in life that may be met with decreased mental and physical abilities. Guardians and conservators have an ethical responsibility to serve the needs of the person with reduced abilities, while in effect they have a wide berth to exercise great power.

Incapacitated people are unlikely to end a guardianship or conservatorship during their lives. Even when it possible, it is generally a very expensive legal process. This makes it even more important to plan a possible legal arrangement carefully and give the power to someone with the right judiciary duty to the conserved.

People may also want to think twice before engaging a guardian agency, a business that accepts responsibility but may overcharge or defraud clients. Customer records and legal advice may help people make the right decision for guardianships or conservatorships.

The right path to creating a guardianship or conservatorship in Connecticut may involve legal representation. An attorney may help make a good arrangement with someone you can trust. There is nothing like peace of mind for your future and the future of your estate.