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Reasons to never make a DIY will

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2018 | Estate Planning |

Most people, even those who are financially secure, want to find ways to save money. There are many ways in life to do this, but you should not try to save money when it comes to writing a will. Unfortunately, many throughout Connecticut continue to utilize DIY wills, and this comes with immense risks. 

All estate planning documents require the attention of a legal professional. You do not want there to be a chance for any disputes to arise because you left out an integral part of a DIY will. 

The need for the right language

When laymen read legal documents, everything can seem somewhat confusing. While these documents can be hard to read, the language in them is necessary to ensure the law follows your wishes precisely. When you write a will on your own, you may not know what certain words and sentences mean from a legal standpoint. This can lead to arguments within the family if you have failed to adequately articulate your desires for how to allocate assets. 

You do not get valuable advice

Wills can become complicated quickly, especially if you have numerous assets to divide. Between property and stock options, you may be at a loss for how to divide everything equitably. Additionally, it is easy to forget to include certain assets you do not think about all the time. Getting professional help with this document ensures you leave nothing out. 

The will could become invalid

The wrong language could lead a court to throw the entire document away. This can lead to additional legal costs for your family members. They will also need to spend more time in court to divide the assets according to your supposed wishes. There are numerous potential unintended consequences with this course of action. You may have had good intentions to save money, but it is always better to play it safe than end up sorry.