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Connecticut couple bound by conservatorship

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2019 | Guardianships and Conservatorships |

Conservatorship is a very important role for a person to take on. This is one of the reasons that probate judges are more likely to appoint a conservator who patently cares about a person independent of a legal obligation. Many assume that this personal connection makes it easier and more effective for a person to manage a disabled fellow’s personal and business affairs.

Husbands and wives are often chosen as conservators by people who see the possibility of reduced faculties and capabilities in their future. Independent of the need for someone to deal with courts or businesses, the power of attorney that many spouses sign lets their husbands or wives make medical decisions in the case that is necessary.

A husband with power of attorney tried to help manage his wife’s care as she slid from health into the later stages of a disease requiring residential care in the New Haven area. He was later appointed conservator of his wife and required by the judge to help arrange the woman’s discharge and transfer to a nursing facility for long-term care.

This move changed to probate jurisdiction to Windsor, where a judge replaced the husband as conservator with a local attorney. An injury that occurred to the woman led doctors to believe she was nearing the end of her life, but the limited authority of the attorney meant that everyone had to head back to probate court to clear up who could change the level of care the woman received.

Individuals looking to get the authority to help their family members may find themselves in probate court to resolve the issue. An attorney can help prospective conservators make their claims before a judge.