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Coventry probate case gets new complication with property removal

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Probate Litigation |

The business of working out who gets what after a death in the family is often difficult and fraught with emotions. Any loss, even expected ones, cause a sense of grief among loved ones and any old disagreements about the family china or the house can turn toxic. Probate courts in Connecticut are here to help people work out these disputes.

A probate saga continues in Coventry, where the estate of a respected herb farm has been in doubt for years. The widower of the farm’s late founder claimed that although the ownership and operation of the estate are still being worked out in probate court, his personal possessions were fair game for removal. This was his argument when he removed a tractor from the estate’s ground during his eviction.

Sales records brought to court by the estate’s court-appointed administrator show that the tractor was purchased 20 years ago by the farm. The widower has also failed to file the appropriate financial records with the probate court when he was replaced as the estate’s executor, according to court documents. This failure could be punishable by a fine under Connecticut law.

People and organizations caught up in a probate dispute may bring their cases to the probate court with jurisdiction and expect their voices to be heard. These courts are there to give all Connecticutians access to the basic functions of the law. An attorney can help organize evidence and present a case on behalf of a petitioner. Legal representation ensures that no one goes through a difficult probate dispute on their own.