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How to prepare for the family talk about your will

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Estate Planning |

Movies and television have many people believing they only hear what was in a will after the person has already passed away. All your beneficiaries should receive a copy of the will upon your passing, but this should only be a formality. All beneficiaries should already know what the will contains because you spoke with them about it. 

No one wants to talk about death. However, it is vital for people to remain practical. You need to sit down and explain what is in your will with anyone named to receive something within the estate plan. This can be a difficult conversation, so it is vital to plan accordingly. 

Determine your goals

Giving money and assets to people should not be a reward. It should be a way for you to achieve certain goals. This goal can involve ensuring your children have financial stability. You may want to make sure your spouse has support, or you may want a certain charity or church to receive the money for certain projects. Once you decide on your goals, it will be easier to explain your reasoning for why things are as they are. 

Create a rough draft

You should not finalize the document at this point. Instead, you should simply meet with a lawyer to create a rough draft of the will. You can use this rough draft when you meet with your loved ones. That way if there is anything to change later, you can do it much more easily. 

Set a time to do it

You do not want to have this conversation when people are over at your house for a different reason. You do not want to put a damper on holiday festivities so that you can discuss legal technicalities. Instead, schedule a neutral time when everyone can get together. Tell them what you want to discuss, so everyone can prepare properly.