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Bristol lawyer faces charges over conservatorships

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2019 | Probate Litigation |

There are many reasons to go to probate court in Connecticut, and the mission of the system throws open the doors to all citizens with a case. Many families deal with the necessity to have a legal conservator appointed for an adult with limits on their ability to deal with realities of modern life. Others want to become official guardians for loved ones in their care.

The system, however, can allow individuals to fail the people it is meant to protect. Judges often appoint court officers and legal professionals to be conservators if no family members or close associates are available. These people are sworn to uphold and protect the law, but a few may take the advantage available in helping people who cannot help themselves.

A Bristol lawyer has been temporarily disbarred, fined and is facing jail time followed by supervised release after she entered into a plea bargain regarding her activities as a conservator. A federal judge recommended a four-year sentence after the attorney defrauded conserved individuals for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The plea deal included an admission that the defendant had “knowingly and willfully misappropriated conserved persons’ money and property, engaged in self dealing, overbilled conserved persons, and misrepresented, or failed to disclose, material facts about her conservatorship activities to the Bristol, Connecticut probate court and others.”

Conserved individuals deserve every possible protection, as they are often unable to defend their own interests. Anyone with a case regarding conservatorship or related issues may seek the help of a legal professional, who may advise on the best way to rectify the problem.