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Several types of guardians help Connecticut children

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Guardianships and Conservatorships |

There is one thing that all children should have in common, and that is a legal guardian. Most children see one or both of their parents as a guardian, but many also look to a grandparent or other relative. A responsible adult who is not related to the child or even the State of Connecticut may be a legal guardian.

Just as there are many types of people who may be guardians under specific circumstances, there are many types of guardians that children may require. Guardianship in general means the control and care of the child, which involves decision rights and responsibilities for a child’s life. When a child is born to a couple with distinct biological lineage, the mother and father are considered joint guardians automatically.

Guardianship may go to another person, however, in the event that the original guardians die or are unable to continue due to illness, incarceration or other reason. A temporary guardian may be appointed by a Connecticut court in an emergency to make sure a child is looked after while permanent arrangements are made.

If a change in guardianship is seen as possible within a certain time frame, a standby guardian may be appointed, so the movement of responsibility is seamless when the time comes. Permanent guardianship is often conferred to a temporary or standby guardian once the court can hear all concerned parties.

Probate courts are there to help with these issues in Connecticut. A person who wants to be named guardian or clarify their rights and responsibilities may want legal representation while he or she addresses the court.