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Naming a guardian for your child? Read this first

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2020 | Guardianships and Conservatorships |

The moment that you became a parent, you knew that you wanted to do everything in your power to protect your child’s future. That includes making sure that you’ve named a guardian for your child, just in case an accident or illness steals you away before they’re grown.

A lot of people name their oldest sibling, parents or best friend as their child’s guardian simply because that’s an emotional, “feel-good” kind of decision. But that isn’t always the wisest move. Before you pick your child’s potential guardian, here are the top things you need to consider:

  1. How many minor children are involved? Asking someone to care for one child is a lot different than asking them to take in three or four. Even if this is your first child, you may want to consider your family-planning goals in conjunction with your choice. That way, you choose the right guardian for the job the first time.
  2. Is the person you’re considering able to provide a stable home? As much as you love your sister, for example, her lifestyle as a free-wheeling artist and musician may make her a bad choice when it comes to raising children.
  3. How old are your potential guardians? Your parents may be a great choice when it comes to financial and physical stability. However, their age could make it difficult for them to actually manage young children. The age of your choice for guardian and your children’s ages needs to be factored into your decision.
  4. Have you talked with your potential guardian? You never want this to be a surprise for the person you choose. Have a long conversation with your potential guardian about your expectations and give them time to consider their answer.

Choosing a guardian for your child is a big decision. It deserves to be carefully handled. An experienced attorney can help you through the process.