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Here’s why you need an attorney for your will

On Behalf of | May 26, 2020 | Estate Planning |

Are you ready to write your will? A quick search on Google will lead you to numerous websites where you can find downloadable forms for little or no cost.

Why hire an attorney to write your will when there are forms available online? Let’s talk about the reasons it’s simply smarter to use an attorney for your will-making process:

  • Your heirs can’t afford a mistake. Online forms are designed to be as generic as possible. That leaves them vulnerable to problems because individual state laws regarding wills can be very specific. If your will doesn’t comply with Connecticut’s laws, it could be invalidated — forcing your estate to go through the expense of probate.
  • An attorney can help you address all potential possibilities. You likely have a definite picture in mind of what should happen with your estate — but what if things change? A good will has built-in contingency plans in case one of your heirs dies before you, an asset is sold or otherwise devalued before you die and other possible problems.
  • There won’t be any worry over vague language. Even a will that is technically correct and valid under the law can cause confusion and sow discord if it is written with vague, confusing language that’s open to interpretation. Your heirs could end up in a preventable dispute. An attorney can help you spot problems before they start.

Finally, if you’re still putting off writing your will, going to an attorney can help you get organized and get the job done. It’s also one of the best ways to obtain a little peace of mind about the future. If you’re interested in getting your will started, check out our website for more information.