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On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2020 | Estate Planning |

If you have significant assets and a high income, then the chances are that you’re wondering how best to transfer your assets when the time comes. This usually occurs through an estate plan, but there’s no cookie cutter approach to these plans. In fact, in order to maintain control over your assets and ensure that they’re distributed only in accordance with your wishes, then you need a detailed, thorough, and sophisticated estate plan that complies with the law.

How an attorney can help you meet your needs

An attorney who is well adept at estate planning can assist you in many ways. Chief amongst them is simply helping you identify and explain your options. If you don’t know your estate planning options, then you don’t know what decisions you need to make to further your, your estate, and your loved ones’ best interests. Then, once you’ve settled on the estate planning decisions that are you need, an attorney can help you ensure that your estate planning documents are in accordance with the law so that they can withstand challenges later on and avoid confusion.

There are a lot of things to consider other than asset distribution. You might have to consider tax implications, prevention of misuse of an inheritance funds, and/or protection of a business from creditors. Attorneys who are experienced in these matters know how to properly address these matters so that they are resolved in a way that protect your interests and meet your goals.

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