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3 ways estate planning can minimize the impact of taxes

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2024 | Estate Planning |

Estate planning in Connecticut is not just about passing on your assets. It is also about preserving your hard-earned wealth for your heirs.

One significant aspect of this preservation is minimizing the impact of taxes. Connecticut imposes both federal and state estate taxes, making it important to implement strategies that can help reduce this financial burden.

1. Lifetime gifting

One strategy to consider is lifetime gifting. By transferring assets to your heirs while you are still alive, you can reduce the overall value of your estate subject to taxation. The IRS allows individuals to make tax-free gifts of up to $13.61 million for 2024. Any amount exceeding this may be subject to gift taxes. However, gifting can be a powerful tool when done strategically, allowing you to gradually pass on assets and minimize tax liabilities.

2. Establishing irrevocable trusts

Irrevocable trusts can be another effective tool in estate planning. By transferring assets into these trusts, you relinquish ownership and control, but in turn, reduce the taxable value of your estate. In Connecticut, certain irrevocable trusts may provide tax advantages, such as the ability to remove assets from your estate and potentially lower your estate tax liability.

3. Taking advantage of marital deductions

Connecticut allows for a marital deduction, enabling spouses to transfer an unlimited amount of assets to each other tax-free. Using this deduction effectively can help defer taxes until the second spouse passes away. This strategy allows for the preservation of wealth within the family unit, minimizing the immediate tax impact and providing financial security for the surviving spouse.

Strategic estate planning involves a combination of methods to minimize the impact of taxes. By understanding the options available and tailoring your plan to your specific circumstances, you can protect your wealth and provide a more secure financial future for your loved ones.