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Will You Be Able To Trust The Contract You Sign?

The courts expect that both parties in a signed contract will uphold four corners of the agreement. Ambiguous or poorly-worded contracts may be ruled invalid. When it comes to one party trying to reneg on a contract, they will often look for every opportunity to claim they misinterpreted the language and expectations.

Before you sign, talk to an attorney at Ferguson Cohen LLP. Our lawyers have years of experience drafting, revising and reviewing written contracts. We know what may be misinterpreted between the lines and we know how judges may be likely to rule on language that is not clear and concise.

Our experience includes (but is not limited to):

  • Shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Operating agreements
  • Purchase and sales contracts
  • Franchise and distribution agreements
  • Employment and non-compete agreements
  • Warranties
  • Installation and service agreements
  • Commercial real estate contracts and documentation
  • Commercial insurance policy disputes

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